Monthly Archives: May 2015

Results of the orienteering challenge at Parkwood Springs Lowest score wins (7 points scored for a no find) Congrats to Jake and Joe for lowest score 20 of 72 marker were not collected Point to note people. There will not be markers to let you know where you are when […]

Orienteering at Parkwood Springs

    The Senior scouts had a great time fishing over in Barlow. Many different types of fish were caught and each one brought all different kinds of excitement. A big thanks to Roger for the use of all his equipment.     

Gone Fishing

The Cubs started off at Fox House car park and walked right across Houndkirk Moor, all the way down to Ecclesall Wood and further still to their final resting point, Dore and Totley Rail Station. Many were challenged and I’m sure they will all sleep well tonight!           […]

Long Distance Hike

The Beavers had a pleasant stroll through the woods this evening, trying to identify different leaves, birds and twigs. We walked right to the field at the top where we almost got chance to play a wide game until we lost the second half of the group. We still finished […]

Ecclesall Woods

The whole troop have had a very fun evening climbing and scrambling and weaselling on the crags and rocks at Higger Torr. No-one got stuck, although many came close and we have all had a very good time.                

Weaselling Evening

The Senior Scouts have had a wonderful, adrenalin pumped evening at the foundry wall. Some better and more keen than others but enjoyed by all and many walls climbed…or at least attempted in Taylor’s case anyway.  It was all finished off by a very wet ride home in a very […]

Climbing Evening