Yearly Archives: 2016

After many weeks the scouts are now finally learning to work as team quite effectively. They have made a great deal of progress since we first started this badge work a while ago. Tonight we decided to put their team working skills to a test by giving them some simple […]

Team Work – Problem Solving

After a while of pushing, the great Sherwood Pines trip finally took place. A great 16 mile ride doing the green route and everybody also succeeding in completing the red route. Everybody did very well!

Sherwood Pines

After the results from Survival Camp on the whole we did very well. However, the one thing which let us down was the lack of camp gadgets. Generally, if you can tie a clove hitch and keep it neat the lashing should work to a certain degree and so we […]

Team Work – Pioneering

he last week in July saw 14 scouts, 2 explorers and 7 leaders (I think!) from 2 troops (297th Bradway and 46th St Pauls) journey across to North Wales for a week spent doing a variety of adventurous activities in the great outdoors. After months planning, preparation and organising the week […]

Summer Camp 2016