Uniform and Badge Positions

Scouting is a uniformed movement.  To be a member, all Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are invested, and wear a uniform.

Uniforms and Scarves (neckerchief) can be purchased from the Scout and Guide Shop on Trippett Lane, Sheffield, S1 4EL

Please note, you will also get a loyalty voucher that the group can use for discounts so please hand these in to your leader. 

The shop website is www.scout-and-guide-shop.co.uk

For Beavers and Cubs, the core uniform is a jumper.  T-Shirts can also be worn when it is too hot for jumpers.   Scouts wear a long sleeved shirt / blouse.

The section leader will present all badges when the member is invested, but parents will need to purchase the scarf and jumper (Beavers or Cubs) / shirt for Scouts).  The shop will know the correct one for Bradway (red with a blue/grey edge).

Badge Position for Sections