Bradway Scouts romp home in annual cooking competition

Bradway Scouts once more did very well in the annual Sheaf District Cooking Competition, this year winning “by a long way” and claiming the trophy.

Handing over the trophy


The theme this year was “countries” with each team having to choose a country and provide a menu based on meals and ingredients that would be served and used in that part of the world.  Bradway chose Hungary and cooked a starter, main course and desert all with a Hungarian theme.  Clearly the judges approved, although the point was made that the cooking competition is not just about cooking – a large part of the points are awarded for organisation, hygiene, safety and cleanliness.  A team needs to do well in all these areas to succeed!

Cooking winners


The 2014 Sheaf District Annual Cooking Competition Winners

From L-R : Francis, Emily, Hannah and Alison.

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