Farewell Nick Taylor – the end of an era

As you may know Nick Taylor has stood down from being Friday night Scout leader. ¬†We, Nick’s colleagues, wanted somehow formally to recognise the contribution he has made to the Group during the 20 years up to his retirement in July. We knew he wouldn’t want a big, flash presentation so, following a bit of guidance from his wife, we organised a photobook covering his time with us. An unsuspecting Nick was then lured to Friday evening’s meeting, ostensibly to judge the Patrol cooking competition. Towards the end of the evening, a short presentation of Nick’s Scouting life culminated in the handover of the photobook, plus a pioneering model flagpole, made by Chalky, flying a flag of Bradway Group colours made by Janet Powell.

The photo, taken by Alex Harrison, shows the full current Scout Leadership team, plus Malcolm Brewer – Nick’s Scout Leader from his time with Dore – and Barrie Hocking whom Nick still supports at the Sunday evening Scout Swimming. Other Leaders who were invited but unable to turn up include Steve Tozer-Loft (from Norton Lees), Julia Jacobs-Johnson (from Old Norton), Chris Jordan, David Hines, Mark Collier and Phillip Baines.

He’s a good man. We miss him. But Scouting goes on.

Taylor Presentation

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