Up to the bike track at Lady Cannings at Ringinglow today where we were surprised with a fair layer of snow. A new, but rather enjoyable, experience!!    

Snow MTB Trip

As part of the my world badge beavers found out about leaf types and made astounding pictures with them. Plus a Kim’s Game on stuff to take on a winters walk and another fun game called “Silly Chickens”!      

My World Badge

      A fun evening based aroun the theme of communication. Morse code, semaphore, sign language and more were all used tonight to send out some rather strange messages.  We officially welcome Jake, Oliver and Reuben to the troop as they were also invested this evening. A big well done […]


Wow! What an absolutely spectacular evening. A big thank you to Richard the fire fighter for showing us round the station, round the fire engine, in the fire engine and shooting the hose. An interesting and awesome experience rolled into one. Amazing!              

Fire Station

Tent pitching, fires, cooking, wide games and cricket; a very enjoyable night spent at the scout hut. A very cold night endured, but a very fun one aswell.           

Cub Camp

Sewing, cooking, ironing and bike repairs are all vital skills a scout should be capable of. We tried at least. What with neckers sewn to shirts, we have at least all improved a skill if not even developed a new one!         

Domestic Challenge

A fire to warm the Cubs up on a cold evening. Learning how to build, maintain and light a fire. Finished off with toasted marshmallows! Yum!      

Fire Evening: 2

Shelter built, Chilli and sweetcorn fritters being eaten. Everyone enjoying it. Roll on judging tomorrow.

Survival Camp 2015

An exciting evening learning about fire and its dangers given from a real firefighter! After a fun talk some Cubs even got to try on the real equipment! Big thanks to Richard the fireman and we look forward to seeing him again in a few weeks when we visit him […]

Fire Evening (1)