After the results from Survival Camp on the whole we did very well. However, the one thing which let us down was the lack of camp gadgets. Generally, if you can tie a clove hitch and keep it neat the lashing should work to a certain degree and so we […]

Team Work – Pioneering

he last week in July saw 14 scouts, 2 explorers and 7 leaders (I think!) from 2 troops (297th Bradway and 46th St Pauls) journey across to North Wales for a week spent doing a variety of adventurous activities in the great outdoors. After months planning, preparation and organising the week […]

Summer Camp 2016

A fun week has been had by all members of all groups in the scouting world of Bradway. Each have done very different activities, and thoroughly enjoyed each. BEAVERS: Cooking Week 1 (09/05) The beavers started part of some cooking badge this week by preparing a fruit salad, and eating […]

Scouting Week: 08/05/16 – 15/05/16

An evening filled with a variety of games, old and new. A challenge involving teamwork was also undertaken. Who could build the tallest, freestanding tower out of garden canes and elastic bands in the shortest amount of time and carry it across the room without it collapsing. Valiant efforts from […]


Up to the bike track at Lady Cannings at Ringinglow today where we were surprised with a fair layer of snow. A new, but rather enjoyable, experience!!    

Snow MTB Trip

As part of the my world badge beavers found out about leaf types and made astounding pictures with them. Plus a Kim’s Game on stuff to take on a winters walk and another fun game called “Silly Chickens”!      

My World Badge

      A fun evening based aroun the theme of communication. Morse code, semaphore, sign language and more were all used tonight to send out some rather strange messages.  We officially welcome Jake, Oliver and Reuben to the troop as they were also invested this evening. A big well done […]


Wow! What an absolutely spectacular evening. A big thank you to Richard the fire fighter for showing us round the station, round the fire engine, in the fire engine and shooting the hose. An interesting and awesome experience rolled into one. Amazing!              

Fire Station

Tent pitching, fires, cooking, wide games and cricket; a very enjoyable night spent at the scout hut. A very cold night endured, but a very fun one aswell.           

Cub Camp