Scouting Week: 08/05/16 – 15/05/16

A fun week has been had by all members of all groups in the scouting world of Bradway. Each have done very different activities, and thoroughly enjoyed each.

BEAVERS: Cooking Week 1 (09/05)

The beavers started part of some cooking badge this week by preparing a fruit salad, and eating it! A wide variety of fruit was used and some beavers really went to town! They were delicious.

The evening finished with a fun game outside on the field in the gorgeous weather. A great way to start the week.

CUBS: Whirlow Farm (12/05)

Last week the Cubs visited Pets at Home and had an excellent time learning about some smaller animals that you could keep in your house. This week the cubs visited Whirlow Farm and met some much bigger animals. They had a superb time learning all about the life a pig and other animals such as cows, chickens, goats and more! A big thanks to the women there who gave a superb tour! P1000680 P1000685 P1000688 P1000700 P1000702

SCOUTS: Hot Dog Orienteering (13/05)

Working in teams, the scouts traveled up to Lady Cannings Plantation on Friday and did some orienteering around the woods to find certain controls. For each control they got some useful item to make a hot dog with. At the end they fried up the sausages and feasted on Hot Dogs as the sun went down. A bit of a late return but a very fun evening!

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